About Us

The Fusion of Design & Experience


Polyweld USA was founded in 1984 to address the various challenges encountered during liner installation by the teams working on-site at various project locations. Since then we have become a competitive leader in manufacturing welding equipment for a vast array of Geomembranes and Geosynthetic materials.


Our engineers design and develop equipment and accessories that are used in wide range of applications. Our design engineers combine field expertise and computer aided design to envision revolutionary products that perform in function and value. We also source the highest grade materials to ensure a resilient product.

Manufacturing Facility

Located in the Northwest part of Houston Metropolitan area, Polyweld lies on a 5.5 acre lot. Our facility is equipped with the latest computerized machining and calibration tools which enable us to fully control the manufacturing process of our equipment. Our facility also features areas for service and repair as well as testing and showcasing our products.

Our Mission

Continued pursuit for technological excellence.

Our engineers are guided by customer feedback, field testing, and product life-cycle management. Your experience drives us to improve upon the overall characteristics of our tools, resulting in machinery with greater performance, increased life-span, and lower cost of maintenance.

Solutions designed around the needs of our customers

When faced with complex challenges, our customers entrust us to develop project specific solutions which are geared to overcome their obstacles. We are capable of designing a new tool from the concept to completion that is tailored for any project requirements.